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It's hard to think of the perfect one! Ring On The Finger features videos of the best marriage proposals caught on film. With a wedding on the way, lovebirds all over the world have sent in their clips for you to enjoy! Have a video of your own? Click "Submit" above!

Man Sends Girlfriend on Amazing Scavenger Hunt, Then Proposes!

April 01, 2013

David and Elizabeth’s engagement took place on February 16, 2013. The entire Road to Proposal was a journey of love. Many hands and many hearts worked together to make this a perfect moment for David and Elizabeth. Each clue sent Elizabeth and her closest friends on a city-wide scavenger hunt that revisited the sites of David and Elizabeth’s first kiss, first date and finally, the proposal!


Surprise Marriage Proposal in an Apple Store

March 27, 2013

“We both work together at the Apple Store. I waited 7 years for him to propose to me, so it came as a total and complete surprise when he finally actually did on Christmas Eve at work. I also always told him if he ever did it in public i would kill him, so of course he got the whole store involved and I was too busy checking in customers to notice what was happening until Bruno Mars started playing loudly through the speakers and there he was standing in front of me. He even had made an appointment on the iPad I was holding that said ‘Will U. Marryme’ as the customer’s name but of course I was totally oblivious. It was the surprise of my life and the effort and love everyone put into it made it the best moment of my life!”



Man Proposes to Girlfriend at Their Favorite Coffee Shop

March 19, 2013

“Jay is a co-worker of mine at Coastline (a video company out of Grand Rapids specializing in Wedding Films). So, when he decided it was time to pop the question to his girl-friend, he asked us to film it.

They met just over a year ago at a friends where they ate cookies, and Jay asked her out the next day. A few days later they went to a cute little coffee shop for their first date, Jay’s friends saw his car outside and barged right in. Unfortunately Abigail is so shy she was terrified, but the date went wonderful and now they are her friends as well.

On their one year anniversary, Jay wanted to take her back to that same coffee shop, have his friends show up once again, and propose to her where it all started.

Enjoy the video, they are just so precious, and I think they deserve to have their story shared with other people who love to see couples start their lives together!”

-Rebecca M.


U.S. Marine Surprises Girlfriend On Birthday, Then Proposes

March 11, 2013

“My at the time boyfriend, who is a United States Marine, told me that he would be training for two weeks for a future deployment to Afghanistan. He had just gotten home from Afghanistan a month earlier so I was devastated to hear he was going back. But really he was here at home for two weeks with my family and friends planning my surprise 22nd birthday party/proposal. I was definitely surprised! It all turned out perfect! I (of course) said yes!”

-Amber B.