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Amazingly Romantic On-Stage Marriage Proposal at a Concert

December 23, 2013

“I knew I wanted to propose to my girlfriend Amanda with music somehow. It’s a major part of our relationship, and it gets us through everything. We discovered Walk The Moon a few years ago, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to do some design work for them. We became friends through the work, and have stayed in touch since.

When it came time to pop the question, I asked the guys if I could do it before “I Can Lift A Car” at their show on 9/28/13 at the Cat’s Cradle. It’s a special song for the two of us, and it’s all about that amazing feeling you get when you’re with someone and you feel like you can do anything. Not knowing what they’d say, I was super excited when they said “yes.” When the day came around, they gave me the setlist to know when the song would be played. They were amazing, and kept checking up on me to see how I was doing, haha!

We went up to the side of the stage before the big song, and Amanda had no clue what was happening. The guys brought me on stage by introducing me as the designer of their backdrop. From there, with the help of their tour manager, Blake, we convinced Amanda to come on stage with me, even though she didn’t understand why!

The rest of the story is captured in this amazing video, taken by Bill Collette of BillCo Productions. Check out his video work here:…

Thanks so much to Nick, Eli, Sean, Kevin, Blake, Lauren, Alex, and the whole crew from Walk The Moon’s tour for helping coordinate this amazing moment.

Thanks to Bill for the beautiful video and Daniel Kirkpatrick for the audio.

We will always cherish this video. You guys are amazing.”

-Drew S.

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Couple Reenacts Their Times Together, Ends with Surprise Marriage Proposal

December 17, 2013

A few weeks ago my then boyfriend Beecher set out to make a fun music video (something that we both enjoy doing as we met in film school). This music was going to be about how we met and would capture moments in our dating life that we could show our families over Thanksgiving. On the final scene, I thought we were actually going to film this awesome finale with a standalone door. Beecher told me he would edit it to look like I would walk from one world into another and that it would look awesome! I was completely on board because I love cool videos and love being in them even more. He even told me that one of our friends from film school was meeting us there (who also happens to be a professional wedding videographer). When I asked why, Beecher told me it was because he loved all our videos and wanted to be apart of the next one. Beecher also told me he was going to mic us in case we wanted to say something.

He told me to think of something to say as walk through the door because he would prefer audio in the last scene. Even though I thought it would be cheesy, I went a long with it and never questioned it. After a few “run throughs” of me walking through the door, Beecher finally said “Okay we’re going for print”, which in film terms mean, let’s use this shot. I even noticed the and made a joke that we use technical terms when our friend was there. Of course, when I walked through the door, I noticed in my peripheral vision, that Beecher was low to the ground. I remember thinking “What is he doing? He’s going to ruin the shot!” But of course, then I looked and saw that he was on bended knee holding out a ring. I was absolutely shocked.

Of course, you know the rest. I said yes! And best of all, the whole day was documented and everything was caught on film from 4 different camera angles. The perks of dating a film director.

-April A.


Man Plays Series of Tricks To Propose to Girlfriend

December 02, 2013

“Check out the marriage proposal that shows you how much fun you can have tricking your significant other on one of the biggest days of your life! We go from surprise birthday, to surprise newscast, to surprise ‘you’ve been carrying around your engagement ring for months,’ to surprise engagement, to surprise your sister flew from out of state to be here.

I (Oliver) came up with this idea when Christmas 2012 was coming, and thought about how devious it would be to get Chrissy to unknowingly carry around her engagement ring for MONTHS on her new car keys with only me knowing the truth. I simply told her the dealership wanted a tracker to remain on her keychain until the second set of keys came in. ;-) I then used Chrissy’s birthday as a fun way to get loved ones in the room with us for a surprise that would turn into something even BIGGER than imagined. I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into a magical moment of our lives.

Thank you to all our Friends and Family who shared this special event with us! Special Thanks to Pete, Chris, Jordan, Erica, (The Boys), Taylor, Trista, Ashley, Dimi, etc… For the video, and logistical support.

Much Love,

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Awesome & Romantic Beach Proposal

November 19, 2013

My bf took about one months to plan our proposal. He is an architecture student and told me he was going to a conference at wildwood,NJ. He wanted to meet up with me afterwards to hang out for the day. He told me to meet him up at their next project site. I arrived to the beach around 2:30pm and told me he was going to show me the site for their next architecture project. He wanted me to close my eyes so he could show me how cool the project was. All along this was just a set up. So as we walked to the “site” he covered my eyes with his hands. We walked across the sand, I was with my eyes closed just trusting him to guide me. Finally he told me I could open my eyes and once I did I realized it finally was the day that he would propose.

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