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Man Proposes With the Help of a String Quartet

January 17, 2012

On November 26, 2011 I proposed to my girlfriend Christie. To make the occasion memorable, I hired the amazing Michael McGillivray to arrange several of ‘our’ songs for a string quartet. Then, with much assistance from Ted Nagy and the Detroit Music Hall, I was able to set a very romantic scene that she and I won’t soon forget. Especially because our good friends Kyle Obriot and Aleks Tomaszewska were there to film the whole thing. Now, the moment that took six months of patience and planning is presented here as a 3-minute document of what can happen when you finally get the girl of your dreams.

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Man Organizes Amazing Beachside Marriage Proposal

January 06, 2012

“A long day’s work turned into a beautiful beachside setting that couldn’t have been planned any better.”


Surprise Marriage Proposal at 30,000 Ft

January 02, 2012

“After months of planning and lining everything up, I finally was able to surprise my girlfriend with a proposal on Air Canada flight 174. There were many moving parts to this proposal and I am happy to say everything came together. She had no clue that it was coming.

Thank you to everyone that helped out and my family for flying to meet us at the end of our journey.”


Man Creates Student Film, Proposes to Girlfriend in Theater

December 28, 2011

“On May 7, 2011, I brought my girlfriend to Georgia State University’s movie theater, telling her that a film I made was going to be in a class festival. What she didn’t know was that movie was the set-up to a very big question…

Everyone in the video is a mutual friend of ours. The first half are friends of mine from college, and our high school friends. The second half are her friends from Georgia Tech. Enjoy!”

- Jesse B.

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