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It's hard to think of the perfect one! Ring On The Finger features videos of the best marriage proposals caught on film. With a wedding on the way, lovebirds all over the world have sent in their clips for you to enjoy! Have a video of your own? Click "Submit" above!

U.S. Army Soldier Proposes to His Girlfriend in Front of Fellow Soldiers

October 03, 2011

“Here is a video of me proposing to my girlfriend Kaitlin!”

-Zack P.

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Man Proposes, With Help from Flash Mob, on UCLA Campus

September 29, 2011

Nam and Trang met eachother on the campus of UCLA. He decided to bring her back to where they first met for the ultimate surprise! Check it out:


Man Plants “Promises” on His Way to Propose to His Girlfriend

September 26, 2011

Hi, Ring On The Finger!

Here’s how I just proposed to my girlfriend…
Basically, she watched this video, then I timed it just right so that I rang the doorbell right as the video ended. Enjoy!

-Jason Min

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Man Proposes To Girlfriend After Their Softball Game

September 19, 2011

“This is a video of my friend Nick proposing to his (now) fiancee Melissa on the field, right after their softball game! Best wishes, you guys!”

-Dave M.

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