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Skydiver Pulls Prank, Then Proposes to His Girlfriend

July 08, 2013

“On 1/22/13, I decided to propose to the girl of my dreams…no wait better than the girl of my dreams because she is real. We have been dating for over five years and have both been experienced skydivers for three years. I wanted to do the most extreme proposal I could think of. First, I wanted to have her believe the real ring fell out the plane as I proposed before we exit the airplane. After she believes the ring is gone forever, I had her two sisters and best friend waiting on the ground with the real ring. I then, proceeded to ask her to marry me for the second time with the real ring. Her sisters surprised us both with a bottle of champagne and breakfast. Needless to say, the proposal went PERFECT. Check out the video!”

-Chris J.

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A Scuba Diving Marriage Proposal

June 26, 2013

“Tiffany and I had always wanted to visit the Turks and Caicos islands, and we are fairly avid Scuba divers, so I thought it might be neat to propose underwater. I had to figure out how to do this safely (for both us AND the ring), and without her knowing it was coming. I put some thought into it, and eventually came up with the idea to write ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ on my marker buoy (safety sausage, to Scuba folks) and tie the ring to the end of it, and then roll the whole thing up and attach it to my side. I was going to then put a small amount of air in it under water so that it would unroll and display both the message and the ring.

I waited until the end of the first dive, and then as we were about 60 feet down headed back towards the boat, I stopped her in the water and unrolled the buoy. It took a few seconds for her to look at it and figure out what was going on, but then, amidst a huge amount of bubbles, she enthusiastically nodded ‘yes!’ I untied the ring from the buoy and put it on her finger, and then we took our regulators out and kissed. Finally, we surfaced and went back to the boat, where everyone was waiting with applause. She had no idea it was coming. I am thrilled that I was able to make her so happy (and also that she said yes).”

-Rick R.

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A Creative “Lightwriting” Marriage Proposal

June 19, 2013

“Shot over a few weekends over the course of about 9 months with the help of friends and family, I proposed to my girlfriend Julie. Thanks to all the friends and family that helped me propose to Julie. I am truly impressed by everyone’s ability to keep this thing a secret over the past few months! And an extra special thank you to Kristina and Craig, who took my sprawling vision and made it a much more cohesive and grand story than I could’ve ever asked for.”

-James V.


With the Help of a Cheer Squad, Man Proposes (Again) To Wife

June 17, 2013

“I had proposed to my wife, but it wasn’t good at all. We are happily married, but who says I can’t do it again the way she deserves? So, here is our story from New Brunswick, Canada! (This video was a second surprise for her!)”

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