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Man Proposes to Girlfriend in Front of Her Entire Sorority

April 24, 2013

“My sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, has a tradition called a candle pass. We all go outside of our house and stand in a circle while we sing and pass the candle around. Once the candle is passed to the woman is who is engaged, she blows it out and then tells her engagement story.

I am graduating next Thursday, and this past Sunday was our last chapter meeting and last candle pass- my last ever as an active member. I had been complaining to my now fiance that I was bummed out that I would not have the chance to have a candle pass of my own. We had talked the night before he proposed about why it wasn’t the right time to get engaged, and he told me I needed to accept that and wait until he was ready. Of course, I was upset.

The next day, we were told that we had a candle pass, and all I kept thinking was, “I don’t even want to go out there to see who is engaged” because I was upset that it wasn’t me (and because I was being a brat). I decided to head out anyway, and we began singing and passing the candle. Once the candle came to me, I tried to pass it on to Katelyn, my grand-little sister, next to me, and she refused to take the candle. Everyone stopped singing, and I turned around to see my fiance, Cesar walking towards me. Then he got down on one knee and proposed in front of all of my sisters! Such a brave man! I am so blessed and excited to be engaged to my best friend!”

-Robin S.

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U.S. Soldier Proposes to Softball Player on Field Before Game

April 22, 2013

Blake proposes to second-baseman Emily at Gordon State University before one of their softball games!


Jess & Nate – A Romantic Proposal

April 15, 2013

Nate knew Jess was the one from the start, and he knew when he asked for her hand, he wanted to sweep her off her feet all over again… So, he planned a 4 hour adventure with all of her closest friends and family that revisited their favorite places from their relationship.

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Man Proposes to Girlfriend on the Bow of a Ship

April 09, 2013

“When I thought of doing this movie, I decided to go big on everything. I bought Alice a dress, and a couple of months ago I bought her a teddy named Flash. She jumped in shower and then she told me she had to wash her hair; as we all know, it takes a good half-an-hour for a girl to wash and so forth. So, I laid out the dress, a necklace and earrings. I sat Flash there as well with a note saying, ‘Meet Me On Sun Deck At 5pm, I Love You, Monkey.’

From then on, the surprise unfolds as seen in the footage. Also, Alice didnt know that her family and friends were around the corner. I know its a long video, but it’s great to see her reaction to her friends and family popping out of nowhere. I hope you enjoy. :D

-Curtis G.