A few weeks ago my then boyfriend Beecher set out to make a fun music video (something that we both enjoy doing as we met in film school). This music was going to be about how we met and would capture moments in our dating life that we could show our families over Thanksgiving. On the final scene, I thought we were actually going to film this awesome finale with a standalone door. Beecher told me he would edit it to look like I would walk from one world into another and that it would look awesome! I was completely on board because I love cool videos and love being in them even more. He even told me that one of our friends from film school was meeting us there (who also happens to be a professional wedding videographer). When I asked why, Beecher told me it was because he loved all our videos and wanted to be apart of the next one. Beecher also told me he was going to mic us in case we wanted to say something.

He told me to think of something to say as walk through the door because he would prefer audio in the last scene. Even though I thought it would be cheesy, I went a long with it and never questioned it. After a few “run throughs” of me walking through the door, Beecher finally said “Okay we’re going for print”, which in film terms mean, let’s use this shot. I even noticed the and made a joke that we use technical terms when our friend was there. Of course, when I walked through the door, I noticed in my peripheral vision, that Beecher was low to the ground. I remember thinking “What is he doing? He’s going to ruin the shot!” But of course, then I looked and saw that he was on bended knee holding out a ring. I was absolutely shocked.

Of course, you know the rest. I said yes! And best of all, the whole day was documented and everything was caught on film from 4 different camera angles. The perks of dating a film director.

-April A.