“This is how I proposed to my fiancee, Dani. We both are going to school in Utah, but she decided to go home for a week and a half before school started to visit her family. I drove down and decided to put a video together for her to watch and surprise her on the beach to propose!

The video is made up of clips of all the places where we’ve kissed. We loved always trying to find places where we’ve never kissed before and it kind of turned into a game. I got her friends to take her to Newport beach thinking that they were just having a girls night out. Instead she came across this pathway I set up and a laptop with this video for her to watch. While she watched the video I blended in with a random family/friends on the beach.

After she finished watching I came up behind her and proposed to her on the beach. She said YES :) We will be getting married November 23rd 2013.”