“Check out the marriage proposal that shows you how much fun you can have tricking your significant other on one of the biggest days of your life! We go from surprise birthday, to surprise newscast, to surprise ‘you’ve been carrying around your engagement ring for months,’ to surprise engagement, to surprise your sister flew from out of state to be here.

I (Oliver) came up with this idea when Christmas 2012 was coming, and thought about how devious it would be to get Chrissy to unknowingly carry around her engagement ring for MONTHS on her new car keys with only me knowing the truth. I simply told her the dealership wanted a tracker to remain on her keychain until the second set of keys came in. ;-) I then used Chrissy’s birthday as a fun way to get loved ones in the room with us for a surprise that would turn into something even BIGGER than imagined. I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into a magical moment of our lives.

Thank you to all our Friends and Family who shared this special event with us! Special Thanks to Pete, Chris, Jordan, Erica, (The Boys), Taylor, Trista, Ashley, Dimi, etc… For the video, and logistical support.

Much Love,