“Hello! I don’t wish to take up much of your time. I just wanted to share my proposal video with you. It happened this past weekend and I think it is so very special. I wanted to share it in case it may inspire other people who have been single forever and losing hope. I am 45 and my fiance is 54 and this is our second time around. True love has no time limit or expiration date. I have found my love and I never once gave up hope. My grandmother had always told me that one day my prince would come. I just didn’t know I would be in middle age when it happened!

Richard proposed to me this weekend in Monterey at the Motorcycle Races. He had me believe that he was called up on stage to do an ‘air bike’ contest (think ‘air guitar,” only this is supposedly pretending to ride a motorcycle). Anyway, I believed him, yet when it was time to call him up on stage, they said it was a couples air bike contest and that is how he lured me up there. You can see on the video what happens next!”

-Sheri H.