“I wanted to surprise my girlfriend, Jennifer, with a memorable marriage proposal that would hold some special significance for her. Jennifer loves cooking… and loves Sur La Table, a cute little kitchen store that also has cooking classes on-site. Jennifer was told we had won a cooking class on a Tuesday night. She was so excited for the class that a marriage proposal didn’t even cross her mind!

Before class, all of the details were worked out with Chef Evelyn and her assistants. This included cameras, signs for an assistant to hold up when the time was right, code words and, of course, the surprise in the refrigerator.

By the start of the video, we’ve already cooked several dishes with about a dozen other students in the class. On cue, Chef Evelyn, our instructor for the evening, called the class forward to watch her make our final dish, dessert. She asks for a volunteer from the audience and what do you know — she selects Jennifer!

The rest is on the video. Jennifer’s facial expressions when she is looking for the cream make the video. As you can imagine, I was so nervous on the other side of the refrigerator door when she didn’t react right away!”

-Nick L.