“So Kendra has always said her favorite part of the movies was the trailers. We are always on time to movies because she never wants to miss the previews. So, for almost a year I was writing, shooting, editing and then coordinating with the theater to allow me to play my trailer.

In high school, I asked Kendra to be my girlfriend while reading a poem on camera. But after only a year of dating she moved away. Over the years we kept in touch but we were separated by distance and the business of life.

Until fate brought us back together… She moved back to Denver and we kept running into each other. Then one day she randomly texted me. I asked if she wanted to see a movie. At the movie I found out we were both single and that was that.

It only seemed logical that since our first date was at a movie theater and I already asked her out in a video in high school that I should probably continue that trend…”

-Chris B.