This great proposal was sent in by Joe. Here’s what he had to say:

“My girlfriend’s name is Jenny and we’ve been together for over 3 years. I came up with this proposal idea because we both like to go hiking at Griffith Park. There was this specific trail that we’ve been meaning to go on, but have always been putting it off. So I came up with the idea to have a film crew set up beforehand on that trail. Once we got to the trail, I had a fake producer ask up to fill in as extras. She had no idea because the set looked pretty official (lights, camera, boom, actors, the whole nine), and to make things more believable I refused to be an extra and had the producer offer us $20 to make it more enticing. Once we were in place, I was nervous as hell which explains the pathetic stretching, but once I got on my knees I felt comfortable… like it was meant to be. Jenny couldn’t stop crying, by the way. If you listen very closely, you can actually hear her sobbing. And that’s that! :-) ”

Joe and his girlfriend are the extras in the background! Be sure to watch them and not the actors in front.