“This is a video of my (now) fiance, Josh, proposing to me. My family and a few of our friends went on our second annual October cruise. We were really excited, because it was our great friend Janie’s 50th birthday! On the second night of the cruise, my mom informed all of us that we would have a little surprise celebration for Janie at dinner. The plan (as I knew it) was that Mom was going to get up and take a few minutes to tell Janie what she has meant to her and our family over the last 10 years. Because it was formal night on the cruise, we all dressed up. I didn’t think anything was strange with the filming and taking lots of pictures because I was thrown off by it being Janie’s birthday!

With that said, before we ate dinner, Mom got up and started to say a few words to Janie, and mom got really choked up. Suddenly, Josh stood up to say a few words about Janie too… I was literally CLUELESS as to what was going on. I honestly thought Josh was just trying to help mom out a little bit and steal the show. When I say that you could’ve ‘knocked me over with a feather,’ I literally mean it… which I think you will definitely see in this video!”