“I (the bride) went to school in Santa Barbara, so I still have friends who live there. A few weeks before the proposal, one of my friends invited me and my boyfriend (now fiance) up for the weekend. I come to find out, however, that my fiance asked her to invite us up so it seemed like it was my idea. He claimed that we were there early, so he wanted to grab dinner on the pier. We walked down the pier until we got to a group of picnic tables. He said he wanted to rest, so he put down his backpack and said, ‘Actually, I have a letter I want to read to you.’ So he read me the sweetest letter, which ended with ‘…Because of this, I know I won’t regret the next move I make…’ At that point, he zipped open a compartment of his backpack and pulled out a box. He then got down on one ring and proposed.

Everyone around us was cheering and of course I said yes! After I said yes and we had our moment, my friends started coming out from behind cars and buildings. We’re from San Diego, so I obviously didn’t expect anyone to be there, but he flew in my friend from Colorado who I hadn’t seen in three years, my friend who now lives in Chicago, as well as friends from LA and San Diego. Once we decided to go into the restaurant, my family, his family, and a few more friends were sitting at the table waiting for us. It was the most special, unforgettable day of my life and I am so grateful that he arranged for his friends to photograph and record the evening.”

-Megan M.