“My best friend and I planned a girls day in NYC right before Christmas. My boyfriend dropped me off at the train station in the morning and handed me to passes to skate at Rockefeller Center and said it was my early present because he knew I always wanted to skate there. I was super happy. I met my best friend half way there and we continued our train ride to the city. We got to NYC and spent the day sightseeing at Macys, St.Patricks Cathedral, Top of the Rock, Times Square and finally heading over to Rockefeller Center to skate. We had a set time of 4:30-6. At about 4:15, my best friend said she wanted to hit the NBC store. I said “Lets make this quick”. We finally left the store at 4:45. She then asked to stop at the bathroom. Finally after losing 30 minutes of skating time we got on the ice. We got to skate for an hour under the Christmas lights and gorgeous 55 degree weather. What an amazing day. At the end of our session we were told to clear the ice. I was trying to get off as quick as possible and my friend was going so slow. A voice came over the intercom asking everyone to turn their attention to the center of the ice for a special event. I was quite confused at this time, and my best friend was smiling ear to ear. Music started playing and it was Brad Paisley’s “Then”… A song dear to me. I still was confused. Thinking we needed to GET OFF THE ICE at this point I started to argue with my best friend. At that moment a man in all black started skating over to us, and I thought it was security kicking us off.

To my surprise, it was my boyfriend. My reaction was to scream, “What are you doing here? What is wrong? Where are my kids?” since he was supposed to be 3 hours away at my kids’ school play. He asked for my hand and for me to follow him. As we skated across the ice, he pointed out the entrance to the rink where my father, two daughters, and son all stood. I was still confused. He took my hand and brought me to center ice and told me to stop. He then backed up and pulled rose petals out of his pocket (I started figuring it out then) and threw them around us. Just as Brad Paisely sings, “I got down on one knee,” my boyfriend dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife. I (of course) said yes! He had been planning this for four months with my best friend He made sure my father , his parents, my children and our best friends were there to witness it all. And not once did I ever have a clue.”