This awesome video was sent in by Chantale Stamp from Murrieta, CA. For the past year, Chantal’s boyfriend Anthony, a Navy sailor, has been stationed on the other side of the country in Cherry Point, NC. During a Sunday church service, the congregation (and Chantale) watch a video from Anthony. Little do they know that he’s actually right around the corner, ready to propose! Here’s what Chantale has to say about that day:

“Anthony and I met in detention, I was a junior in high school (16) he was a senior (17). I was sitting there shivering, and he threw me his sweater from across the room. We actually had mutual friends, so he started asking around about me. I knew I wanted to marry him about a week into our relationship.

He left for bootcamp on Feb. 17th, 2010, and we basically had no form of communication for 2 months… other than letters. So we wrote back and forth as often as we could. After he graduated, he went to A-school, which was in Great Lakes, IL. Then he came home on leave for 2 weeks, and got his orders to be stationed in Cherry Point, NC. So, all together we’ve been together for  2 years (and a wonderful 2 years at that)!

That Sunday was a typical day for me, I knew he was sending in a video to say thank you and all of that, so that part wasn’t a surprise. But when my pastor called me up there, I knew something was going on. I was sure something was up when i saw his Aunt Jackie and my mom at the back of the church, neither of who go to my church! Then he walks out, which blew my mind because when I had talked to him earlier, he said he had duty (which he normally does on Sundays).

One thing though, there’s a stereotype of the military life being “hard” and “difficult” on the family, which is some cases may be true. But I find it to be a huge honor marrying this man, and I couldn’t be more thankful for him.

We’re so excited, and love love love your website/blog!”