“A few months ago, The Heart Bandits were contacted by Keith to help make his proposal to Alyssa a dream come true. Keith really wanted to propose to Alyssa using umbrellas that spelled out, “Will You Marry Me?” He needed the help of a Proposal Planner to pull this marriage proposal off. First, we got to work to find the perfect location for the proposal. We chose Multnomah Falls in Oregon because of the stunning waterfall and also the bridge that is in front of the waterfall. The outdoors were a very important part of Keith and Alyssa’s life, so this was perfect. Next, we set out to buy the required umbrellas and then we hand painted the letters on each one. We then hired a musician to play their song as soon as he saw the couple, which would be the cue for the umbrellas to drop. Last, we coordinated with all of the volunteers and videographer Lance Watts to make sure everyone would be where they needed to be at the exact time they were supposed to be there. With over 15 volunteers, that was no easy feat but as you can see from the video, it all went perfectly. The umbrellas were lowered at the exact right time and the engagement was amazing.”