“We were in our eighth month of a year long deployment and my boyfriend, Logan, was granted two weeks for R&R to come home! (He knew this before he even left, but wanted to surprise me.) Logan and my best friend had been planning this for months. He bought tickets to an Atlanta Braves game in August. But my friend told me she had won the tickets somehow, so we went. About halfway through the game, she points out the board flashing ‘Amber, will you marry me?’ I thought that it couldn’t have been from Logan. ‘He is in Afghanistan,’ I just kept saying to myself! Then, I turn around and Logan is standing there in uniform. I couldn’t run fast enough into his arms. For the first time in eight months, I was exactly where I wanted to be. The crowd was screaming and I was crying. Then he dropped down to one knee right there! The crowd got even louder but all I could hear was that he wanted to be with me forever. Now we are almost done with our whole deployment! :-) ”

-Amber B.